Thursday, 28 May 2009

Will the real Blake Lively please stand up?

I like Blake Lively, I really do. She has the golden girl California vibe and perfectly bouncy blonde hair that a pale Londoner can only dream of. I do have a love/hate relationship with her character, Serena on Gossip Girl but only because of my fully hate relationship with her on screen boyfriend Dan.
On screen she is put in a cavalcade of glitzy dresses for the many Gossip Girl soiree's, so she really has no excuse her dressing herself the way she been on the red carpet recently.
(May 2009)

The girl is 21. 21.
She looks double that. I don't even know where to begin. The above picture is taken at the Met Gala which of course, is an event that is difficult to dress exactly appropriately for. The pose, the dress and the make up make her look like, well...Sharon Stone. There I said it. I think it's the 'LOOK HOW LONG MY LEGS ARE' pose and the awkward placing of her hand that does it. She doesn't even have the excuse of it being her first time at the Met Gala. She managed perfectly fine in 2008:
(May 2008)
This time it's Ralph Lauren instead of Versace, but she looks classy and the black gloves are a nice touch to what maybe a boring dress otherwise. The loose hair style and natural look make up means she actually looks 21.

So, where did it all go wrong? I don't know. But I imagine it may have something to do with Penn Badgley.

(all images from TheFashionSpot)

A Lack of Colour

The Cannes film festival has just wrapped for another year, and I can't help but think it was an altogether more subdued affair. With flashes of couture and dripping in diamonds becoming a red carpet faux paux (Unless you're at the Oscars of course) it was interesting to see how the attendee's at Cannes would get around this problem.

Well, it seemed to be a nude affair. The only flash of colour I can remember is Tilda Swinton's subdued red dress and jacket. But, there were still some classic red carpet looks, and a shift towards more subdued power dressing.
Right. So I'm not sure Eva would know how to do subdued power dressing. But rising style star Zoe Saldana (styled by Rachel Zoe) lets her simple dress and shoes do all the talking. With her hair pulled back, and a megawatt style expect many more red carpet knock out looks from her.

But, who did the nude trend best?

Zhang Ziyi
Having not been familiar with her style before she seemed to know exactly what would look great for the camera's, but the colour of choice never really changed.

The way this strapless Giorgio Armani dress has been styled is fantastic. With her sweet face showcased by a simple loose up-do, the look is finished off with an intricate spiked silver necklace:
Even Armani floor length dresses in such muted colours can get a little predictable but this amazing necklace finishes the look.

However, the neutral Armani dresses didn't finish there:

This colour isn't just beige; the detail on the bodice of the dress and the one shoulder strap makes it look so modern and errs on just the right side of wedding dress. Again, Ziyi showcases the power of great jewelery with the single earring on the opposite side of the shoulder strap; a thoughtful touch that toughens up such a pretty dress.

The model steals the thunder
Gucci Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Russian stunner Natasha Poly, adored by Carine Roitfeld and the current face of Gucci made her Cannes debut this year. A model known for her ferocious runway walk and adored for her sleek and refined candid style. But, a certain red carpet look at the Cannes film festival will push her from model watchers favourite to supermodel best dressed, as she sets the bar for model red carpet appearances sky high:

25828celebcityorgnatash.jpg picture by libertine2

Natasha Poly in Dolce & Gabbana can only ever produce defining fashion images. Cannes has a history of inviting a rising model to the event - Gemma Ward and Doutzen Kroes have both had the honour - but never has it been done with such utter "I'm a model, and this is how it's done". So often you have a model hiding behind their hair and looking very removed from the glamourous image you see on the runway. Natasha is an ambassador for models of the moment - as a both a fashion icon and a girl at the top of her profession. I salute you Natasha.

images from thefashionspot & celebritycity

22425celebcityorgnatash.jpg picture by libertine2