Sunday, 31 January 2010

Karmen & Abbey

This shot is just perfection, taken outside Elie Saab couture.

from, thefashionspot.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Purple Rain

This has to be one of the most intriguing paparazzi pictures of an outfit ever. It's Ashley Olsen attending a pre-Golden Globes party, and the only shot is of the back of her dress! Purple is so underused on the red carpet, and I love her Chanel Hair clip.
It's such an old school look, and it appears that she is holding velvet gloves in her hand too. I'm sure the dress is vintage, and she really seems to be into prim and proper style at the moment:

For such a petite girl, she really wears this dress well. The purple lipstick stops the look from being too Victorian, and it finally seems like something new on the red carpet. For such a Victorian inspired look, it looks so modern.

Oh, and it's not just Ashley who's inspiring me right now, Mary Kate seems to have regained her knack for choosing perfect street style looks. I love nothing more than wearing all black, and she's bought back the Balenciaga Fall 2006 boots that I continue to dream about and desperately try to find on Ebay (In a Size 7 if anyone is selling!)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Alison Mosshart (Vogue UK Interview)

I just adore her, and this is one of the most interesting interviews about her and Jamie's relationship...

(click for bigger!)

Vogue UK hearts Lara Stone..

Lara is becoming a Vogue UK regular, and when they feature her they usually use such soft styling. I just had to share this shot of her in Christopher Kane S/S 10:

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hannah Holman

I'm generally drawn to models with dark, mysterious features the likes of Meghan Collision, Freja and Marina Perez, but recently I can't get enough of the American (Utah born) beauty Hannah Holman. I was sure she was Swedish when I first saw pictures of her, those invisible eyebrows, perfectly tanned skin and beautiful natural blonde hair. I just adore her.

It's something so rare for a new model on the scene to not really resemble anyone before her, I see hints of Iselin and Querelle but she's alot more delicate featured than that. This girls rise to fame is sure to commence soon. She landed the Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 10 campaign, and is sure to be a runway star come Feburary for the shows.

(editorial images from Vogue Russia January 2010, from thefashionspot)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Pringle Pre-Fall 2010

It's hard to find fully practical fall collections, the only brand that consistently produces fantastic coats is Burberry, but they do tend to all look the same. The clothes never look, well warm enough. But really, when is high fashion ever practical? Well it turns out it can be, with Pringle's Pre-Fall collection. The Scottish brand has produced some beautiful ad campaigns (who could forget Tilda Swinton's appearance in the mens campaign this season?) the last few seasons, and I do always take a glance at their collections. I think this collection deserves alot more attention though:

I love that really high neck coat mixed with a chunky sweater, the neutral tones and the simple bun - because no hair style manages to withstand the elements of the British weather.

I've been seeing alot of trouser style leggings (I refuse to call them treggings!) filtering into the British high street. But this almost long-john style looks surprisingly fresh compared to the tired look of most leggings.

Okay, I know I said practical, and this doesn't look very warm but I adore the laser cut collar. The longer length of the jacket, making it look more like a coat - it's a cozy and luxurious look.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Ultimate In Denim

Never before did I think that Star Wars & denim would collide and produce such amazing results. But Acne's Armored jeans for S/S 10 collection are unreal:

Thoughts? I adore them, but imagine how difficult it would be getting them on and off. I can't imagine tripping over in them in skyscraper heels, ouchies.