Friday, 5 June 2009

The Difference between Vogue Paris & Vogue UK

Julianne Moore, 48 is the current cover star of Vogue UK. Shot by Alasdair McLellan it show cases Moore's exquisite beauty, the image looks natural (as natural as a cover of a glossy magazine can be) and the strong make up displays her incredible bone structure. With her fiery red hair and dressed in green crocodile skin she looks very much the poised and beautiful older leading lady.

But when Moore graced the cover of Vogue Paris in May last year the magazine took and altogether different approach.

Dressed in Yves Saint Laurent and shot by Mario Testino Moore still looks her age but this time her fabulous figure is flaunted. The provocative pose, the leopard print underwear and the shirt that's slashed open gives her an altogether more Miss. Robinson appeal - one that I think is just as appealing, if not more than that Vogue UK cover.
I applaud Julianne Moore for not being afraid to still be sexy and provocative at 48. I find it so much more appealing than similar images of younger actresses. Moore is an intellectual beauty, not just another beautiful starlet and this just makes the image much more striking. As usual Carine's styling is absolutely spot on and I can't wait to see if they continue this trend with older starlets. As aesthetically pleasing as the Vogue UK image, the Vogue Paris image just offers so much Moore.

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