Monday, 13 June 2011

Anyone for Tennis?

With Wimbledon just around the corner, and bikini season well under way, what better way to celebrate than with the new Nike campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz?

From the 'Make Yourself' campaign the shot features
Allyson Felix, Chinese tennis player Li Na, Algerian-French dancer Sofia Boutella, British hurdler Perri Shakes-Drayton, Russian-born tennis star Maria Sharapova, USA goalkeeper Hope Solo and Australian surfer Laura Enever.

It's certainly got me to dig out my Nike trainers and make my way to the gym - a long over due trip!


  1. yeah makes me want to do some serious running and ab work out! all these girl so strong and badass! xx

  2. Those are some killer abs. i like that they all look natural and in their element rather than all made up.

  3. Love this, I was at Wimbledon today :) great blog! x