Saturday, 18 July 2009

Giles Deacon at the Museum

Giles Deacon is a designer I've followed with great interest, as his collections although chaotic are always unmistakably Giles. I love looking back to his early shows, and especially his use of older supermodels in his show, to insure maximum coverage for his collections.
Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to a Giles Deacon retrospective at the Victoria & Albert museum, which meant a runway show and a best of Giles. The show was fantastic, staged in the dramatic Raphael gallery, and luckily enough my friends and I secured second row seats behind Hilary Alexander and Barbara Hulanicki.
Watching the clothes go past was a real honour to see the incredibly intricate detail that is often overlooked, stand outs from the show included:

The last look in particular inspired spontaneous applause from the audience, but one of the most fascinating things about seeing all these looks together was realising what a fantastically strong designer he is. Even the Pac Man heads doesn't seem gimmicky when you see them walking down the runway, there's a beauty in the chaos he creates in his collections, something that I think London Fashion Week thrives on. 

After the buzz of the show calmed down, my friends & I took a brief respite sitting on the steps of the V&A. But for who to walk past? Giles Deacon himself. We all congratulated him on the show (for which he thanked us for attending!), and he took the time to talk to us, and take a few pictures too: