Monday, 6 July 2009

Public Enemies

I have found my inspiration for fall clothing, and it comes from Marion Cotillard playing gangster girlfriend Billie Frechette in Public Enemies. The film is set in 1930'a depression-era America, and after John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) presents her with a fur trim coat early on in the film, I knew the film would be a fashion tour de-force.

She slinks through the film, in equal parts strength and vulnerability - the constant angel on Dillinger's shoulder. Dressed in muted colours for the most part of the film the real stand out is on there first date, where in the restaurant she remarks: "everyone is looking me, like I don't belong here, because I'm in a $3 dress". But it is quite the $3 dress...

Inspired by the film I decided to create a modern day look from the film (four leaf clover earrings are of course, for luck) :

Public Enemies
(Sonia Rykiel Mongolian Trim Wool Coat, Giambattista Valli Red Dress, Dior Lady Dior Quilted Nappa, Art Deco Silver Cigarrette Case, Jimmy Choo 'Bonnie' Studded Suede Sandals, The Very Best of Billie Holiday, Miu Miu Studded Leather Heart Purse, Alex Monroe Clover Stud Earrings)

But really, the look is just finished off by Johnny Depp as John Dillinger in impeccable tailoring that isn't too far away from Depp's red carpet looks.

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