Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Real Queen B

When did Leighton Meester get so bloody annoying and Blake Lively become so fabulous? As a fellow brunette I always erred on the side of Leighton, especially as she didn't seem to get as much exposure as Blake. Whilst Blake had the cover of W & US Vogue, Leighton only had Teen Vogue. But after reading her Glamour UK article it must be because Leighton is so damn obnoxious. "I've hated every boyfriend I've ever had" she comes across as so bitter. I don't seem to remember her previous interviews being like this?

Anyway, I picked up the new Nylon yesterday with Blake Lively on the cover (for research purposes) and she came across as so, cheerful and appreciative of her success, and basically someone you'd like to be friends with.

Doesn't she seem lovely? And a fellow Topshop lover too (as a London blogger I do feel a little spoilt that I have grown with a Topshop store in every town). I like that she doesn't use a stylist either. Leighton on the other hand is getting ridiculously overstyled:

WTF!? The clip on bangs, the gang sign pose, the radioactive bright make up and that's before I even get to the clothes. Less is more, Leighton. Honestly. Here, let Blake show you how to dress yourself without looking like your stylist threw up on you:

One more example?