Friday, 30 April 2010


If I was better at applying make up, then I'd wear golden eyeshadow or pigment a lot more often. It looks so beautiful on blue or green eyes, and highlights a tan better than any other. So, I precariously apply it every now and then, usually when editorials pop up that feature it. I'm having a major gold rush at the moment having just discovered this editorial. It's the lovely Anja Rubik shot by Nathaniel Goldberg for Vogue Nippon back in May last year. Oh, and the most important detail? Make up by Diane Kendal. I just had to share it, because it's such a wonderfully simple formula for an editorial but has stunning results.

Anja is also the only model that makes me want to dye my hair blonde for the first time in years.

all images from thefashionspot.


  1. 我愛那些使自己的德行成為自己的目標或命定的人........................................

  2. anja has won me over with time and I feel quite enamoured with her stories now... her body language has grown extremely subtle and personal