Monday, 19 April 2010

Kate Kils Coachella

To be honest, Kate Bosworth has never been a style favourite of mine - she just popped up quite alot in magazines best dressed but never really did anything radically different. She seems a little too reliant on her stylist, I've never seen many interviews with her where she seems to have any real love for fashion so it all comes off a little too fake an try hard.
I only started paying attention to her when she started dating True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgård, and admitedly that was only to look at paparazzi pictures of him rather than her. That was until this weekends Coachella festival, taking place in the California desert it seems a million miles away to the skuzzy British festivals I'm used to.

Day 1:

Boots by Isabel Marant & Dress by Topshop.
I like how she manages to mix neutrals with her pale blonde hair and not look completely washed out. Although this isn't my favourite, but maybe I'm just jealous because there is no way you could wear neutrals at Reading Festival without it being decorated by Carling and cigarette ash by the end of the day.

Day 2

Dress By Suno & Bag Mulberry Leah
I'm not a fan of Mulberry as they usually look too generic but I love the shape of this one, and the different colour strap. But the dress is the real star here, it fits perfectly and is such a stand out shade. But this isn't the first time this dress has got such coverage, it's in the April issue of US Vogue worn by the divine Jessica Stam:

Day 3

Finally, someone who can pull of a leotard. This is how I think they should be worn, not as the main feature of an outfit but merely a supporting role. The white lace top stops the look from becoming too hipstery (which celebrities tend to at Coachella..) and is that a tiny Mulberry I spy?

All in all, Kate played it pitch perfect at Coachella. And why wouldn't you with Alexander at your side?

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