Monday, 17 May 2010

Lara Stone's guide to the wedding

I'm really not one for wedding dresses, or weddings in general to be honest. They generally all look the same to me, same classic taste and same 'modest' but 'flattering' dress. Then Lara Stone came along, the gap toothed Bardot wonder, of course she wasn't going down to the traditional route, and I am so glad. Maybe, Lara will make weddings cool again...

Step 1:

Sort out the party dress. It's unacceptable to stay in that huge wedding number for the after party, so Lara has opted for the most glittery and opulent dress she could find. Luckily, both dresses were designed by Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy, which meant they stayed away from the Dolly Parton type glitter dress.
I can't believe how skinny she looks - her waist is tiny!

Step 2:

Choose a modern wedding dress. I love how this dress is still the traditional white, but it is bought bang up to date with the delicate lace and gold beading. The thigh high split is a great twist too. This dress is so very Lara.

Step 3:

Fabulous guests. Okay, so David's choice of guests were questionable at best (a cavalcade of mildly funny British comedians) but Lily & Tom were clearly Lara's choice. Lily looks beautiful, and like a true model guest. Unfortunately, there aren't many pictures of the 'fashion' guests, but rumour has it Bette Franke was the bridesmaid!

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