Monday, 31 May 2010

The invevitable SATC2 post

As a loyal Sex And the City fan, of course I was straight to the cinema on Friday to see the new film. I was bitterly disappointed as they seem to be taking the film in a completely different direction to the sheer brilliance of the TV show. It's become too Hollywood; the plots are hardly believable and the humor is forced.
In fact the only thing that got me through the screening was the pre-SATC cocktails I'd had, with Skyy vodka - my personal favourite was the Cosmopolitan chaser, served with just a dash of champagne on top. Oh, and Patricia Field herself has joined fabulous forces with Skyy vodka to create a limited edition bottle and drink that I'm sure even Carrie would approve of, so dash down to Harvey Nichols to get the gift box as you'll need the whlle bottle to get through the film!
During the film one pleasant surprise however was Cynthia Nixon, she seemed to act as a reminder of the old SATC - not caught up in drama instead, she steadied the plot and remained a voice of reason. Her clothes were the least OTT, and she looked great.
That's why I was so glad to see her amazing clothes for the campaign trail, in particular the blue Narciso Rodriguez dress she wore to the London premiere.

It's such a great colour on her, and hair is the perfect strawberry blonde shade.

The dress especially stood out against such showy gowns the other girls wore

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  1. omg i didnt even see these photos! miranda looks amazing in that color
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