Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Dreaming of Dries

Now that I'm on my summer break, I find myself browsing through alot more. I love going to my favourite designers and looking back through the collections. Dries Van Noten is a designer I adore, and the first place I got a designer bargain (metallic gold heels from S/S 08 for £40!). The clashing of prints and fabrics is always a look I'd like to achieve, and the fashion geek in me really enjoys seeing a designers progression from early collection. Which is why Dries Van Noten S/S 04 stood out to me so much...

Dries is a brand I have always associated with fabulous prints and great styling, so it was interesting to me to see such a pared down collection - but I love the silky and simple dresses. Inspite of the collection being six years old it still seems so relevant now.

One of my favourite Dries collection remains S/S 08 because it seems so quintessentially Dries.

And my main source of inspiration for fall remains the laid back vibe from Dries Fall 10

I just can't get enough of the wind swept hairstyle, full skirt silhouette and casual relaxed tailoring and the famous Dries print still appears here and there. I'm sure I'll be blogging about this collection alot in the lead up to Fall but it's the perfect fall collection.