Thursday, 2 December 2010

All wrapped up

I'm literally snowed in. There's a foot of snow outside now, and as the UK have been unable to deal with it I've been spending a lot of time online (oh and baking snowflake cupcakes!). Two of my favourite editorials I've found today, I just had to share here:

Metal Magazine 21
Julia Nobis by Can Evgin

The next editorial is from Russh magazine, and I know I post about this magazine alot, but it's absolutely brilliant, and so worth tracking down. If you're in London you should be able to find it in Selfridges or RD Franks.
Russh Decemeber/January 2011
Cassi Van Den Dungen by Will Davidson

These editorials highlight how beautiful masculine, oversize clothes are on such feminine models with strong features. It's an interesting trend that's emerging in some of the indie magazines. I was pleasantly surprised to see it showcased on the red carpet by Leighton Meester:

She looks so sexy in this look, it's slightly disheveled which works and I like the flowing curled hair. I'm going to be copying these looks, just as soon as the snow disappears, because there is nothing attractive about having to wear ten sets of layers all the time.

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