Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Work Magazine

Finding this magazine feels like an early Christmas present. I'm an avid reader of TheFashionSpot and have been for many years, and whilst browsing it the other day I found such a wonderful new(ish) magazine - Work magazine.

Isn't that such a striking cover? The cover star is model Tasha Tilberg, who isn't as regular on the runways as she used to be, but she she still pops up in only the coolest publications. Just looking at this cover is making me want to get a septum piercing.

There's not alot of information about the magazine but from what I can gather it's a quarterly based art/fashion magazine, this is issue number three. It's also prooving difficult to track down a copy, for all of you in LA you can pick up a copy at the Marc Jacobs bookstore on Melrose (as if you need an excuse to go down there anyway!). Otherwise, you can order online via the website. If you have a a spare five minutes head on over to the website, and have a browse through because I'm so excited to see a a magazine like this, with one of my favourite cover stars. I can't wait to see how this exciting project develops.


  1. This looks great!

    Peroxide Blonde

  2. I really love septum piercings when the loop is super thin, this cover is pretty rad!