Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hannah Holman

I'm generally drawn to models with dark, mysterious features the likes of Meghan Collision, Freja and Marina Perez, but recently I can't get enough of the American (Utah born) beauty Hannah Holman. I was sure she was Swedish when I first saw pictures of her, those invisible eyebrows, perfectly tanned skin and beautiful natural blonde hair. I just adore her.

It's something so rare for a new model on the scene to not really resemble anyone before her, I see hints of Iselin and Querelle but she's alot more delicate featured than that. This girls rise to fame is sure to commence soon. She landed the Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 10 campaign, and is sure to be a runway star come Feburary for the shows.

(editorial images from Vogue Russia January 2010, from thefashionspot)


  1. she is so ridiculously beautiful, and her hair. why that is something else!!

  2. i looove the brows. with the tan. amazing. x

  3. The photo of her in the purple Chanel dress--gorgeous. She takes amazing photos. She is featured on girl crush today.


  4. She's one pretty creature indeed.