Sunday, 3 January 2010

Pringle Pre-Fall 2010

It's hard to find fully practical fall collections, the only brand that consistently produces fantastic coats is Burberry, but they do tend to all look the same. The clothes never look, well warm enough. But really, when is high fashion ever practical? Well it turns out it can be, with Pringle's Pre-Fall collection. The Scottish brand has produced some beautiful ad campaigns (who could forget Tilda Swinton's appearance in the mens campaign this season?) the last few seasons, and I do always take a glance at their collections. I think this collection deserves alot more attention though:

I love that really high neck coat mixed with a chunky sweater, the neutral tones and the simple bun - because no hair style manages to withstand the elements of the British weather.

I've been seeing alot of trouser style leggings (I refuse to call them treggings!) filtering into the British high street. But this almost long-john style looks surprisingly fresh compared to the tired look of most leggings.

Okay, I know I said practical, and this doesn't look very warm but I adore the laser cut collar. The longer length of the jacket, making it look more like a coat - it's a cozy and luxurious look.

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