Sunday, 17 January 2010

Purple Rain

This has to be one of the most intriguing paparazzi pictures of an outfit ever. It's Ashley Olsen attending a pre-Golden Globes party, and the only shot is of the back of her dress! Purple is so underused on the red carpet, and I love her Chanel Hair clip.
It's such an old school look, and it appears that she is holding velvet gloves in her hand too. I'm sure the dress is vintage, and she really seems to be into prim and proper style at the moment:

For such a petite girl, she really wears this dress well. The purple lipstick stops the look from being too Victorian, and it finally seems like something new on the red carpet. For such a Victorian inspired look, it looks so modern.

Oh, and it's not just Ashley who's inspiring me right now, Mary Kate seems to have regained her knack for choosing perfect street style looks. I love nothing more than wearing all black, and she's bought back the Balenciaga Fall 2006 boots that I continue to dream about and desperately try to find on Ebay (In a Size 7 if anyone is selling!)


  1. love the first two photos. and you are right about the paparrazi photo, i think it looks really cool, just wish we could see the front though. at least the back view includes the chanel hair clip *sighs*

  2. love the first picture and the dress for sure :)

  3. They are both sartorial queens!
    Great post :)
    PD xx

  4. both ashleys dresses are just beyond beautiful there!

  5. A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth. .........................................