Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Levi's Is Right On The Money

Today I had the privilege to be my invited to a tour of the new Levi's store on Regent Street, London before the store opens at midday tomorrow. I've had a long running appreciation of the Levi brand, my first pair of jeans when I was two years old were a pair of mini 501's, and that was closely followed by a jean jacket from Levi's as well. I still wear 501's now in the acid wash and they are the perfect jean. Not many brands have such a rich and long history.
It was a seriously cool affair, the whole store is designed to look like the inside of the Levi's factory, with bare brick walls and overheard lights to show case the clothes. There was also rolls of fabric and scissors displayed in glasses cases.
The first thing you notice at the front of the store as it's laid out like a gallery, celebrating real Londoner's in creative jobs:

This girl happened to by favourite, as she had the best blue hair I've ever seen.
The store had a very indigo theme to it, as the manager explained that they wanted the store to have an almost industrial feel to it. Yet, it certainly wasn't a sparse or intimidating store.

The array of jean's was dazzling, every cut was organised into sections, and below it you could see every wash you could get from it. From there you were given a style number, like M6 and then you could select the jeans from a stand behind you. Which, if you know what you want sounds like it's going to take the stress out of shopping for jeans.

The staff there are also there to help you find the perfect fit, and also a little bit of a history lesson about the brand. The bottom floor has a whole section dedicated to my beloved 501's:

The store seemed to cater a lot more for the customer than just to make sales, they have encapsulated Levi's rich history under one roof (check out the pair of Levi's found in a mine in California ten years ago that turned out to be from the 1920's , when you visit!), and it's worth having a look just to check out such an interesting store.

all images courtesy of Levi's, and the first is taken by myself.


  1. wow this store looks amazing.
    definitely going to have to take a trip there,
    it looks so simple which is good because finding jeans has got to be the most hardest thing in the world.

  2. the scenographic scheme of the arragement on the store is amazing! kudos to them

  3. oh wow, this looks pretty awesome. i will have to pop over and check it out. xx