Sunday, 29 August 2010

An Olsen megapost

How do they do it? They stand at a nose over 5ft 1 and still manage to layer perfectly without drowning in fabric. I imagine it's the years of practice, but they've got this down to a fine art. I love how their outfits seem almost coordinated, and this looks like an editorial shot to me. Mary Kate's trousers are a perfect fit, and I love the simple white shirt Ashley has on. They are by far the most interesting celebrities to to me, both in terms of style and personality.
I often browse over at to the Elizabeth & James department because it reminds me of the the twins used to dress, whilst The Row is how they dress right now. It makes a perfect mix for fans too. My two favorites were:

Brocade James Blazer & June Silk Blouse

Although The Row remains my personal favourite, and serves as a strong point of inspiration for fall:

Celebrity aside, it's amazing to think these girls are only 24 and producing clothes like this, I can't wait for fashion week to roll round and see what they produce next.

I remember so vividly when this video came out in 2007, and being amazed at how they produced such stunning basics:

Oh, and need advice on how to get the Olsen's look? Head over to the My Wardobe Facebook page every thursday between 3 & 4pm to visit their style surgery, and get direct advice from their wonderful team of experts.

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  1. love the olsens, they are always looking so well put together! come follow me xxxo