Monday, 20 September 2010

LFW Day 2: Simon Ekrelius

If you've ever wondered what rain weather couture would look like. I think I've found the answer. The Simon Ekrelius show at On/Off on Saturday was a collision of transparent fabrics, dramatic hats and amazing plays on monochrome. I think the models have to be applauded too, for walking in nothing but a completely transparent trench coat.

I was lucky enough to go backstage before the show, and I got this fabulous shot of Simon himself in a DIY t-shirt he had made that morning:

I think that perfectly sums up most Londoner's feelings about the Pope visit to the city that no one actually wanted. Ahem.

Back to the clothes. The styling was wonderful, with peach coloured lips and lilac extensions running through the hair to take a more paired down approach to the two tone colour hair that was so prevalent last season.

These have to be the town stand out pieces from the show. But the show also featured some fantastic pointed shoulder pads, high waisted monchrome leather trousers and more wearable playsuits.

(all images apart from DIY t-shirt from On/Off Facebook page)

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  1. Lovvving the monochrome.