Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Master Class in Deconstruction

I'll be honest I've been a little nervous about blogging about Lanvin Mens Fall 2010, mainly because I haven't really blogged about menswear before in spite of my interest in it. This show was just too good not to post though, it was so futuristic but not intimidating as futurism can so often be. I can't wait to see it in the pages of Another Man and Fantastic Man because what a collection it was, easily my favourite show from the Fall 10 season,

The emphasis on the waist is an interesting detail, and makes what is quite a layered look look more refined. The slick back hair makes me think of Pat Bateman - after he had safely manouevered the financial crisis he comes back with a harder edge.

The last look has to be one of the most perfect mens coats I've ever seen, the navy blue colour makes it more of a statement coat and the classic cut complete with added zips makes it look so modern.

But for me, what completed the show was the details; the unfinished seems, the cumber band and the heavy utility belt.

allimages from gq.com

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