Friday, 26 February 2010

LFW: Menswear: Aitor Throup

After the madness of the past five days what a welcome relief is what to finally work some menswear shows. Generally, they seem a lot more relaxed and of course the hair and make up takes alot less time. My first show of the day was Aitor Throup, and it wasn't a show but an installation, it was easily one of my favourite to attend, I just loved the concept and I hope my pictures do the installation justice. Walking around I couldn't help but think that if anyone ever doubts that fashion is art is to look at installations just like this one.

It's especially interesting that inspite of the conceptual nature of the installation there's some great tailoring and pieces amongst the art of the installation:

I like the way the red leather is stitched on to the bottom of the trouser to almost look like a red soul of a shoe....

I found these trousers to be especially interesting as they seemed to be made with raw sequins, it almost resembles fish scales. It just seemed like such a great use of texture for a pair of trousers.

all images shot by me.


  1. good shape and texture is powerful, love this dark palette and interesting exhibition!

  2. that skull is actually fucking IMMENSE

  3. The trombone picture is really fascinating.

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