Friday, 12 February 2010

Rest In Peace

This is a difficult blog for me to write, and one I wasn't sure whether to write. It's hard not to fall into lazy cliches and insincere words when paying tribute to someone. I lack the words right now to even start to describe my all consuming despair about the death of Lee Alexander McQueen. As an aspiring writer, his show was the one I wanted to go to most, he was the person I wanted to interview the most - I pictured a life of wearing his designs, and a constant amazement at his brilliance.

Genius is a word that's thrown around too freely, and as such it has lost any kind of meaning. His creativity will be unparalleled, what a showman he was. I don't want to to say too much more, but when I first heard the news a quote from Matisse immediately began swimming around in my head:

"Creativity takes courage."

Lee Alexander McQueen. 1969-2010.


  1. I feel the same, he was one of the top 3 fashion personalities I wanted to meet, no one else did what he did. When he left we lost so much more than just fashion

  2. :( RIP

    What a wonderful brilliant man.