Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Classic Reworked

Levi is one of those brands that doesn't have to do much to just be cool. By default Levi's are a classic brand, with its rich history from cowboys to skinheads everyone has at some point worn a pair of Levi's. My love for Levi's began in 1992, when I was two years old and I had a pair of baby Levi's.
Last season Levi created one of my favourite ad campaigns, with the swoon worthy Josh Beech and the adorable Myf Shepherd. Luckily, these campaign shots were plastered all over the London Underground:

There's nothing quite like a beautiful boy with great tattoo's who knows how to pose to make a good ad campaign.

So to see this season Levi is again using one of my favourite models Meghan Collision in their new ad campaign was a nice surprise (and of course to see Josh returning):

Oh, and there's a great campaign video too. Shot by rising star Chadwick Tyler:

Whilst we're on the subject of Levi campaign videos:

I never remember this advert with the wonderful Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal ever being on TV so I thought it was worth sharing.

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