Thursday, 10 September 2009

Fashions Night Out (Part 1)

My night at Fashions night out can be summed up in this two photo's, both take outside the Burberry party:

I spotted Lara running outside for a cigarette from the Burberry party (dressed in head to toe Chanel) after debating whether to ask for a photo, I finally decided to. She smiled, and said "Sure" turned away from the little group she was talking to and posed for this picture for me.
I also heard from a source at UK Vogue that she has an upcoming cover for UK Vogue!

About half an hour later, I ran into Mario Testino:

He was genuinely lovely, and spent about five minutes talking to us (during which time we more mobbed by paparazzi trying to get to Donna Air and Sadie Frost, prompting Mario to ask who they even were). He also introduced us to David Gandy (no photo though) and had a chat about our future careers and made us promise to book him for jobs when we were fashion editors!