Saturday, 5 September 2009

Where the ELLE have I been?

I can't remember ever picking up a copy of Elle US. I subscribe to Elle UK, and have done since I was 14, not because I particularly enjoy the magazine but it's more a family tradition of an Elle magazine subscription every Christmas.
Usually I simply skim over Elle US, with cover stars such as Miley Cyrus & Victoria Beckham I admit to judging this magazine by it's cover. Like Pop before I judged it a little too harshly, because the September issue of Elle is fantastic, coming in at just under 490 pages and with six editorials including a Karlie Kloss/Marc Jacobs feature, what more could you need from a September issue?

I'm just going to skip over the cover choice (Jennifer Aniston), ensuing interview (I'm not lonely honest!) and photoshoot (black&white, vaguely provocative) and get right down to the editorials. Firstly, there was a Camilla Bidault-Waddington styled shoot. 'Age Of Englightenment' featured the perennially underrated Elsa Sylvan.

The editorial had such a dream like state, like Elsa had nothing better to but to slink around in the forest dressed in beautifully delicate clothes. It makes it feel so organic, with her make up free face and unstyled hair it leaves you free to focus on just how intricate and interesting the clothes are. I mean seeing this architectural shoulder dress from Dolce & Gabbana lying rumpled on a bed; out if it's usual runway setting, and how it's usually styled makes it look positively soft and femine:

Elle US also continued with a twenties inspired editorial shot by Richard Bush. 'Away We Go' struck me as such a simple concept but the styling and the model once again made it what it was.

I love how this editorial transports you back to an age where you said goodbye to your darling at the train station, and wore cloche hats. We now live in an age where a Facebook message is the closest you get to such drama now, but somehow these clothes seem so appealing. They're practical: it'll definitely keep you warm in the autumn, the heels aren't too high and yes, it could still be worn to the office. But somehow this editorial just isn't boring. Far from it:

all images from thefashionspot.

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