Saturday, 5 September 2009

Pop vs Love: Round 1

I have never been a fan of Pop magazine, something about it was just too whimsical, and throw away. The random d-list celebrities that were featured never appealed to me, even if they were being used 'ironically'. So when, the new cover of Pop dropped, and featured child star blogger Tavi Williams I thought my avoidance of Pop would continue.

I continued to check The Fashion Spot to see what the new Pop might be like, mainly as I was intrigued at how Dasha Zhukova would begin her new approach at Pop magazine. Being a fan of her clothing label, Kova&T I wasn't expecting good things from her. But not necessarily a great, memorable issue of Pop that sets itself apart from other magazines. However, I was wrong. So wrong.

The first editorial is Kinga by Viviane Sassen a wonderful photographer who has worked with Vogue Nippon and i-d Magazine. The surrealist mood created in this editorial is such a wonderful change from the Guy Bourdin 70's inspired look that every single magazine seems to be shooting month after month. Kinga looks natural, young and playful. It doesn't look forced or too styled in spite of the intricate clothes by Jil Sander, Yohji Yamamoto & Hussein Chalayan.

However, what really struck me most about Pop was it's sheer variety. Next to an interview with Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Africa's first elected female head of state is a photoshoot with current rising model Constance Jablonski.

Such an editorial isn't an uncommon theme; beautiful girl in a garden, wearing very little. But instead of using the go-to-models for shoots like this, such as Anja, Natasha or Lara a new girl gets given the chance to shine. Oh, and I love the dark lighting to this shoot, making it look like it was shot on a stormy day somewhere.

However, the new Pop still found time for two old favourites; Lily Cole & Jessica Stam. Shot by Paolo Roversi, the eternally youthful faces of both Lily&Stam became older women dressed in fabulous clothes in Spent!

Both models who came to fame in the doll face era of modelling, are utterly convincing, love this shot of Lily with her rolled down taupe coloured socks with her feet just resting in her comfortable slippers.

Love on the other hand features such bastions of style as Pixie Geldof, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen and The Jonas Brothers. I'm a teenager, and I don't even care about these 'teen stars'. This, of course is a twelve year old's dream, which was maybe the point of Love, to catch a brand new audience's attention by using their favourite stars, and slowly introducing them to the Love brand of fashion. Which is smart thinking. But for now, I'll stick with Pop.

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