Saturday, 5 September 2009

An Icon Returns

I've never been hugely nostalgic for the supers. I was born in the era of heroin chic, so it's with curiosity I look at the newest work of Linda, Claudia & Naomi but I don't long for the era of the glamazon. There's only one past model who I truly wish I could have appreciated her heyday.

Kristen McMenamy is truly one of a kind. At 42 years old she stars in the current Lanvin campaign, as well as producing the most memorable Vogue Italia cover of the year.

She's married to photographer Miles Aldridge and has worked with everyone from Helmut Newton to Richard Avedon. After making a brief runway appearance for Givenchy in Fall 2008, she has remained relatively quiet for a long time. But, she has made two triumphant returns in the shape of two Vogue Italia editorials. The newest one appears in the September issue photographed by Peter Lindbergh:

Really, do these pictures need any kind of description?

scanned by diciassette @ thefashionspot.

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