Friday, 18 September 2009

Digby & Iona

I must admit my knowledge of jewelery is lacking, I don't necessarily seek out new jewelery designers. In fact my favourite jewellery brands are Robert Lee Morris, Elizabeth & James, LowLuv & Pamela Love. I think this is mainly due to my taste in jewellery isn't especially developed, beyond tarnished metal, feathers and military symbolism I really don't have much of a jewellery criteria. So when I stumbled across Digby & Iona, I seemed to have found a perfect jewellery brand.
With collection names such as 'Wanderer in a Sea of Fog', 'Hunter & The Hunted' and 'Fight or Flight' it certainly becomes one of the more interesting and relatively under promoted brands. Check it out:

Howling Wolf Ring $150

14 Point Stag Ring $330

Black Spot Two Finger Ring $220

Rimfire Bullet Necklace $170

Gryphon Key Necklace $120

Crossed Rifle Necklace $150

Lost Love Compass Necklace $250

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