Thursday, 17 September 2009

Power Dressing At Its Finest

I'll admit I wasn't a fan of Rihanna until Umbrella came out, but since then her style has intrigued me. I'm never usually one for head to toe runway looks, which is something Rihanna does quite alot but it must be her insane figure that makes her pull off these looks so well. Ever since she shaved the sides of her head she has become one of my absolute fashion icons. I love how she isn't afraid to really go for it and stand out.
Yes, it's not the most original look in the world (she owes Grace Jones alot) but she seems to be the only person doing it right now, her tousled mohawk is such a welcome change to the loose tumbling ringlets that seems to be the only look young celebrities are capable of.

So when I saw the pictures of her going to a restaurant in NYC, they just seemed to encapsulate why I enjoy her style so much:

Firstly, she knows what suits her. That soft pastel lilac is a great colour on her and makes what could be a very basic dress become alot more interesting, it's ruching around the middle and asymmetric hem again adds to the detail of the dress.
Oh, the clutch. The gold clutch. Have you ever seen anything like it? Gold. Snakeskin. Metallic. Oversized. What more could you honestly want from a bag?
I even enjoy the sunglasses at night, it's just so decadent and over the top - and definitely a look best left to celebrities.

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  1. i love rihanna, most people couldn't pull off that white dress but she has perfectly. nice blog!